Dulce Bellum has moved to Area 52 - Horde

by Thesyl, 48 days ago

Guild Application can be found here: http://goo.gl/forms/aA1G1Rzjln9yYpWF2

Most discussions take place in the discord, come join us!

Congratulations to everyone on another successful raid tier, AOTC, and Mythic progression. With the limited tries we had, we made great progress on Opulence and I know it would have fell after a few more pulls. Unfortunately, the hardest mechanic of Mythic became fielding the 20 raiders.

After many hours of research, the same stories kept recurring of guilds moving from a low pop to high pop servers and recruiting actually existing again! "Best decision we made" was written over and over. We have decided to transfer to Area 52 - Horde to solve that problem.

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Ahead of the Curve, and Mythic Jadefire!

by martzell, 107 days ago

See the discord for screenshots of bosses between heroic conclave and jaina!

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Heroic Conclave and Mythic Champions in one night!

by martzell, 145 days ago

After farming the rest of heroic as well! Excellent job all! 


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